News of January 2012
I've been taking baby steps . . . starting with Waldorf School Harvest/Winter festivals, "Victorian Christmas" in Nevada City at the end of 2010. Took the lessons learned from those experiences into 2011 . . . changed some techniques (thanks Bill), added some new designs, applied to three juried shows and was accepted into two of those. Had respectable sales at both juried shows and I've been getting great feedback every time I set up my display, so my confidence is high going into 2012.

I've joined the Artist's Collaborative Gallery @ 129K Street in Old Sacramento, so my work is on display in a retail setting. Thanks to the members of the Collaborative for accepting me as a member.

I've been accepted to exhibit at the Contemporary Crafts Market at Fort Mason in San Francisco (March 10 & 11), and I've applied to several other events in the SF Bay Area, so the baby steps are stretching out.

I'm having fun, and it's nice to be able to answer "artist" when the occupation question comes up.